Why Goats (and Sheep)?

When it comes to clearing land of brush, weeds and invasive plant species, some jobs are just too much for humans or machinery. Where brush is particularly thick, where there are hillsides and slopes that are difficult to navigate safely, where the cost is overwhelming, goats and sheep provide a safe, effective and cost-efficient method of clearing land.

Using goats and sheep to rid properties of unwanted vegetation is eco-friendly, green, sustainable. It doesn’t require expensive human labor or pricey, gas-guzzling machines. It greatly reduces and eliminates the need to use gallons and gallons of chemical poisons and herbicides that can harm your livestock and pets. Because the animals sterilize seeds before they are released, the propagation of invasive plants is reduced. That’s much better than machines, which simply spray the seeds so that the invasive species grow right back.

On an aesthetic note, herds of goats and sheep are much more pleasant to look at than herds of human workers and machines are. It’s great PR imagery for your company, park or institution.

Goats can tackle difficult terrain, protected areas, heavily trafficked and populated areas, landscaped property and more. Our goats are agile enough to clear hillsides, determined to reach higher foliage, and impervious to thorns. No, they can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but considering they’re humble, bearded ruminants, we think they’re pretty super.