Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your herd?

We currently have 200 goats and sheep, making us the largest working herd in the region. As our business continues to expand, we’ll be adding more animals to our herd.

How long will it take them to clear my land?

It depends on how dense the terrain is, but on average our herd can clear an acre of land in one to two days.

What do goats and sheep eat?

Goats are quite voracious consumers of all types of invasive plant species. Based on our research, they eat kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, honeysuckle, hemlock, pampas grass, mustard species, blackberries, Japanese privet, thistles, brambles, sage, briars, ivy, cheat grass, oxixde daisy, Russian olives, mullein, tansy, dalmatian toad flax, dandelions, downy brome, wild rose, scotch broom, horsetail, nettle, tobacco, knap weed, kosia weed, loco weed, snap weed, spotted knapweed, larkspur, yucca, medusa head, morning glory, purple lostrife, rush skeleton weed, clover and more. (If the plant you’re dealing with is not on that list, tell us what you’ve got and we’ll tell you if they can eat it!) Sheep, by contrast, are grazers that go after weeds and other grasses.

How much does your service cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the nature and size of the job. But to give you a ballpark estimate, if it costs $3,000 to have an acre of land cleared by humans, our price usually comes in at less than half of that. As a rule, we like to come out to your location and assess the situation before we can give you an accurate quote.

Are the goats and sheep safe around other animals like livestock and dogs?

Livestock like horses and cows, no problem. But dogs ARE a problem. Dogs are natural predators of goats and sheep. Even if your dog is kind and docile, our animals will be scared witless by him or her, and scared animals aren’t hungry animals, so it will negatively affect their work. It’s just nature in action. So as a rule, we don’t allow any dogs around our herd at any time. Your dog(s) must be contained and away from the area in which the goats are.

Don’t goats and sheep create a lot of waste? Where does that go?

As we like to say to our clients, “We don’t charge anything extra for fertilizing your property.” One of the best benefits of using goats to clear the weeds off your property is what comes out of the exhaust pipe: fertilizer. As goats eat the weeds that serve no purpose, they process the useless organic material and produce a useful organic fertilizer that will help desired grasses grow. You don't have to spend your time and money driving the chemical sprayer in your gas-powered ATV or tractor across the field just to help the grass grow.

How long do the goats and sheep work per day?

Our goats are hard workers, usually putting in about 12 hours a day just eating. The rest of the day, they generally chew cud, digest the ample amount of food they ate, and catch some sleep. The best part? They don’t take cigarette or coffee breaks!

What do I have to do as property owner?

Absolutely nothing. Sit back and let us and our herd do the work! We completely take care of our animals’ needs and safety while they’re on your property.

Does Goat Guys offer goat meat or lamb meat?

Absolutely not. We treasure our animals, and would never sell them for meat. When they pass away, they receive a proper burial.


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