We get this question a lot. Goats, just like people, need to go to the bathroom during the course of their workday. The answer is, they go right where they’re standing.

The good news is that they are essentially providing free fertilizer for your land. Because of the way they digest food, they actually sterilize the seeds of invasive, non-native plants. Their fertilizer promotes the growth of the native vegetation you’d prefer to populate your property.

Here’s the best part: It’s not the smelly mess you might think. Says one gardener, whose post tells you everything you ever wanted to know about goat poop:

“[G]oat manure is pretty much the perfect animal manure for beginners and a ‘you can’t go wrong’ remedy for novice gardens. The naturally dry goat pellets are not only easy to collect with a standard mini rake and trash scooper, but they are far less messy than many other types of manure. Goat feces does not attract flies or breed maggots and (my favorite) it doesn’t really smell!...

“Another reason why goat manure is the perfect starter compost, is because goat droppings can be used in nearly any type of garden IMMEDIATELY without having to wait for a ‘breaking down’ compost period...

“But when left to break down into compost, goat manure in garden beds can create the optimal growing conditions for your plants. Composted manure can add nutrients to the soil, promote healthier plant growth, and increase crop yields without the use of harmful chemicals.”

We’ll clean it up if you prefer. But we find most of our customers are thrilled to get this free, natural fertilizer.

And that’s the scoop on poop. Have any other questions? Give me a call at 615-772-5221 or shoot me an email at josh@goatguys.com!

AuthorJosh Delozier