Goat Guys rents goats and sheep to remove brush and invasive plant species from large properties and other difficult-to-clear land.

It’s safe. It’s effective. It’s eco-friendly. It’s economical. It’s natural. Some say it’s even pretty cute.

If you own or manage a large property, a corporate or institutional campus, take care of parkland, or run a police or fire department that wants to clear land for safety purposes, call Goat Guys and put our herd to work!

“My recommendation to any organization or company would be that if you want to try something different when it comes to clearing land, you should call Goat Guys.” -- Margaret Cameron, Executive Director, Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary, Williamson County, Tenn.

“You guys are awesome and your goats sell themselves with their sweetness!” -- Ginger-Rose Krueck, Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder, and Teacher, GROW Enrichment, Nashville



Why Goats (and Sheep)?

Wondering why goats and sheep are more effective than people, machines or poisons to clear land? Find out why here.  

Success Stories

We've helped hundreds of landowners and property managers get rid of brush and invasive, exotic plant species. Here's a couple of our happy customers.

Hire the Herd

Our herd is always ready to come chow down on a variety of invasive brush, grasses, and saplings. Just drop us a line if you would like to put them to work for you.